REWE Team Challenge 2023

New year, new run. The REWE Team Challenge was on the agenda again this year. The goal: 5 km through the old town with a final finish in the Rudolf Harbig Stadium.

After months of training with our running coach Heiko, we were well prepared and with lots of energy at the starting line on 06 June 2023. Ready to give everything. When the starting signal sounded, there was no stopping them. The 22,500 participants started in several waves. The route led through our beautiful old town along the Elbe and finally towards the Rudolf Harbig Stadium. On this cloudy Tuesday evening, the sports-mad runners struggled towards the finish line, sometimes faster, sometimes slower. Of course, the fun was always in the foreground. True to the Olympic motto “taking part is everything”, all participants and, of course, the fans who supported us from the sidelines got their fun out of the event.

With a running time of 22:07 minutes, our student trainee Alexander Klau stood out in the internal HBH duel, leaving the other HBH runners Ralf Bormann, Jens Heider, John Henning and Tom Pankow behind him. But the overall performance was also impressive, with HBH placing ahead of over 200 other teams.
“Think about tomorrow today” is the motto for the next 51 weeks, because that’s when the next REWE Team Challenge is coming up. Of course, the preparations are already in full swing.
We would like to thank the Laufszene for this successful event and look forward to the next run.

You can find more information about the REWE Team Challenge HERE.