The modern real estate market places high demands on property developers and companies. With the help of the many years of experience of our real estate experts in Dresden, we are always able to react flexibly to current trends and take into account the needs and interests of our clients.


Ralf Bormann MSc MRICS

Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter


Jens Heider

Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter


Maximilian Staudacher

Projektentwicklung / Projektleitung / Prokurist


John Henning

Projektleiter Technik / Prokurist


Maria Mickelat

Projektleiterin Technik


Tom Pankow

Marketing / Vertrieb


Christin Hammer

Assistentin Projektentwicklung


Mandy Riedel



Marie Straube



Alexander Klau



Organisational chart

In order to plan and carry out each building project in the best possible way, we put together our own project teams on a project-by-project basis. These teams unite our experts from all areas and thus offer the optimal competences to create a product with which you feel comfortable. A cooperative way of working is the be-all and end-all for us, because only open and communicative cooperation leads to success in the long term.


HBH operates according to certain values. The satisfaction of the customers is always in the foreground. For us, cooperation with employees and business partners is the key to success. In our mission statement you will find the values according to which HBH acts and the strategic goals that are pursued.

Property developers on the Dresden real estate market

HBH Immobilien GmbH has already realised over 70 million euros of project volume in its corporate development on the Dresden real estate market. In addition to large properties, which were built in several construction phases, a large number of smaller apartment buildings were built under our direction. As a property developer in Dresden, we also exclusively market our own projects. Our employees have experience in the fields of real estate management, architecture and engineering, and business administration. In the Dresden real estate market, HBH Immobilien is a respected market player with an independent concept and philosophy based on values such as trust and sustainability.

Our service for the acquisition of property

We place particular value on an attractive location in the Dresden real estate market as well as on the personal support of our customers. In our function as property developer, we support you from the choice of the property to the planning of the floor plan and the selection of the furnishings as well as the notarial certification up to your moving in. In addition, we give you the opportunity to determine, for example, the number of rooms, the size and the furnishings. We are always your contractual partner and advisor at the same time.

So that you can calculate your costs, you will always receive your desired property at a fixed price from HBH Immobilien GmbH. This protects you from unpleasant financial surprises and gives you security.

Business segments

HBH Immobilien GmbH is particularly active for you in the development of attractive residential locations for private owners. Discover our portfolio of condominiums in Dresden here on our website.

In addition, we are involved as a project developer and create profitable, commercial investment properties in the long term within this framework. For investors, our offer and trade in market-driven real estate investments for the future in Dresden is particularly interesting. We provide comprehensive advice on all questions relating to the acquisition of property.

Condominiums for every requirement

As real estate experts in residential construction with many years of experience, we build architecturally appealing new buildings and renovation properties in attractive residential locations. When developing projects and implementing floor plans, we also always take your individual requirements into account. As a property developer, our work begins with the selection of the plot of land and continues through the planning and architecture to your support as a homeowner. High-quality work and adherence to deadlines in the construction of your condominium in Dresden are part of our self-image as a reliable partner.

Real estate investment in Dresden

In addition to our comprehensive range of flats in Dresden, HBH Immobilien GmbH continues to act as a property developer in the commercial segment. In our function as project developers, we use our local market knowledge to develop projects as long-term investment properties. The creditworthiness of the tenants and the profitability for the end investors play a decisive role for us.

In trading with investment properties in Dresden, international investors benefit from our use-oriented and intelligent purchase of market-driven and future-oriented properties.


As a company and people, we are closely connected to Dresden and our region. By paying our taxes, we directly support the region. But “steering” falls by the wayside for us. That is why it is important for us to provide direct support. As friends of active sport and promoters of young people, we enjoy supporting sports clubs and social institutions.

Association for more women in the real estate industry

We want to support and further the development towards more equality in our industry. That’s why we at HBH have decided to support the ‘Women in Real Estate’ association in order to bring this important issue further to the fore.

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D-Youth Serkowitz FSV

We support the D-youth of the Serkowitz FSV. Just in time for the start of the second half of the season, we handed over their new sports bags to the sports enthusiasts. The team happily received the new bags and of course immediately integrated them into their daily sports routine. So nothing stands in the way of a successful second half of the season!

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The path to owning your own property with your real estate expert

Owning your own property is rightly one of the most popular forms of investment. The main reason for this is the independence from monetary devaluation. Since these are tangible assets, ideally one not only benefits from the increase in value, but also enjoys one’s home ownership every day. Nevertheless, many people are put off by the seemingly complex path to real estate. Because many decisions need to be well thought out and made unerringly.

With HBH Immobilien as your experienced partner, this will be easier for you to achieve. To get you started, we have summarised the various individual steps in a diagram. At each of these steps, you can rely on our expertise and advisory competence.

The end result is a great goal that many dream of: their own property.