Company excursion 2021 | 10.09.2021

On 10 September, our hiking route started from Freital Hainsberg in bright sunshine towards Tharandt to the Faculty of Forest Sciences of the TU Dresden. In the idyllic Badetal valley between the slopes of the Wilde Weißeritz and the Tharandt Forest is one of the oldest forestry training centres in the world, the former Tharandt Forestry College. Professor Dr Michael Müller, Chair of the Institute of Silviculture and Forest Protection, introduced the campus and provided exciting insights into the scientific research and work of the resident institutes during a guided tour. With interesting new insights into flora and fauna in their luggage, the tour continued to the Tharandt castle ruins, which lie on a steep rocky spur above the Schoitzbach river. The spur castle, which dates back to around 1200, was used to monitor silver mining. During a break with a delicious lunch, we strengthened ourselves for the second stage, which took us from the forest botanical garden to the Grillenburg educational and research game reserve in the Tharandt forest. Back in Tharandt, the wonderful day tour ended with food and drink and a convivial get-together in the popular “Bahnwärterhäuschen” restaurant.