Stadthäuser Casa Mia in Dresden-Neustadt – English Version

Stadthäuser Casa Mia in Dresden-Neustadt – English Version

Object at a glance

• TOP location in Dresden Neustadt
• best infrastructure
• 3 south-facing townhouses with 9 flats each
• 2- to 5-room flats
• 63m² to 147 m² living space
• Heat pump heating with additional cooling function in summer
• Lift over all floors
• Large balconies and terraces
• underground parking spaces
• attractively designed, green outdoor area
• the floor plans can be found in the details of the individual flats




Through four equipment lines - PUR, LIVING, HARMONIE, DESIGN - you as a buyer achieve a high degree of individualisation of your new flat: in design from straightforward and clear to soft, harmonious and modern. The design variants are created with sustainability in mind, and are modern and contemporary.


We would be happy to help you plan your dream interior with our interior designer and find the perfect interior design style for you.        

Environment description

Living in Neustadt: Living in the modern age. Our three townhouses are being built in a prime location. Located directly in the centre of the Äußere Neustadt and yet in a quiet side street, you can fulfil your dream of owning your own home here. The exclusive residential units are integrated into an established residential area. Most of the neighbouring buildings were also built in the last few years, creating a unique surrounding character. Nearby are not only shops for daily needs, but also several cultural and educational institutions: Visit the "Kleines Haus" for an exciting theatre performance, one of the bars within walking distance with rousing live music or end the evening relaxing in a cosy restaurant around the corner. Albertplatz is also within walking distance and offers a number of tram and bus connections to help you move dynamically through the city. If you feel like going further afield, you can walk to Neustadt station in just a few minutes. No other district has as much to offer as the exciting Neustadt. Here, urbanity and infrastructure meet green areas that invite you to relax, such as the Elbe meadows or the historic Königstraße, which invites you to take a stroll. Experience your own little oasis of green in the middle of the city! Discover the many exciting facets of Neustadt: lively, exciting, exclusive!

Contact us

Jens Heider
Schützenplatz 3, 01067 Dresden
+49(351) 56 34 880
+49(351) 56 34 889

Residential units

Gartengeschoss Haus 1014109,11 m²verkauft
Gartengeschoss Haus 1024109,03 m²reserviert
1. OG Haus 1034104,08 m²verfügbar ansehen
1. OG Haus 1044103,64 m²verkauft
2. OG Haus 1054113,03 m²verkauft
2. OG Haus 106394,44 m²verkauft
3. OG Haus 1074112,90 m²verkauft
3. OG Haus 108382,59 m²reserviert
DG Penthouse095149,32 m²verkauft
Gartengeschoss Haus 2104112,98 m²verkauft
Gartengeschoss Haus 211398,03 m²reserviert
1. OG Haus 2124111,15 m²verfügbar ansehen
1. OG Haus 213391,20 m²verfügbar ansehen
2. OG Haus 2144110,18 m²verfügbar ansehen
2. OG Haus 215393,32 m²Notartermin
3. OG Haus 216a3111,23 m²reserviert
3. OG Haus 2164110,82 m²reserviert
3. OG Haus 217390,92 m²verkauft
DG Haus 218381,88 m²verkauft
DG Haus 219264,10 m²verfügbar ansehen
Gartengeschoss Haus 3205111,02 m²verkauft
Gartengeschoss Haus 321494,50 m²verkauft

Residential units

1. OG Haus 3224108,08 m²verkauft
1. OG Haus 323492,60 m²reserviert
2. OG Haus 3244108,04 m²verkauft
2. OG Haus 325492,67 m²verkauft
3. OG Haus 3264108,18 m²verkauft
3. OG Haus 327392,95 m²reserviert
DG Haus 328a5149,10 m²reserviert
DG Haus 328279,06 m²reserviert
DG Haus 329264,46 m²reserviert

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